Xiaomi Band 2 Tips & Tricks – Latest Identified

Hi all, if you owned a new Xiaomi Mi band 2 fitness band and don’t know how to stay fit with your new Xiaomi Mi band 2? Don’t worry you are already at the right place. Here are some essential tips and tricks for Xiaomi Mi Band 2, you can go through our tips to know its hidden features and apply it on your new device to enhance its activity tracking and performance.

We have tested the band with an Android device, so some steps and information may vary for the iPhone users, you can find in detail article of standalone smartwatches on smartwatchjournal.com

Idle Alert

With the Idle alert option in your Xiaomi Mi Band 2, you can make your device to alert you when you are sitting idle for an hour. To enable this idle alert option just head to the Play menu in the Mi Fit app and then turn on the idle alert. You can also set the start time and end time for alerts and the app also has Do Not Disturb option, you can turn on it when you are in meeting or somewhere.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Idle Alert

The minimum time for setting idle alert is one hour, you can’t set frequent alerts like for 30 minutes, 40 minutes and so on.

Compare your Activities in Share Screen

It is not a matter whether you are going to share your activities in the social medias or not, but checking your profile page in the Mi Fit app has an advantage apart from sharing your activities. Yes , with Mi Fit app you can compare your daily activities with other Mi band 2 wearers, that helps you to get motivated in your daily activities.

Tap the share icon in the top right corner on the default status screen of Mi Fit app to view your completed tasks and comparisons, that will be displayed like “1000 steps, ahead of 50% people.”

Sleep Assistance Feature

As we mentioned in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review, you can’t see this feature in the specification list of previous Mi Bands, but the company has added this feature to its next generation Bands, Mi Band 2. It helps your band to track your sleep accurately by detecting your pulse rate for every 10 minutes and the drawback is that you can’t view this data later for reference.

Sleep Assistance Feature Xiaomi Mi Band 2

To turn on the Sleep Assistance’ feature in your Mi device, head to ‘My device’ and then select Mi Band 2 under Profile option in the Companion app.

View your Battery Status on Screen

Normally Mi Band 2 Bands can stay charged up to one and half weeks to two weeks on a single charge. In new generation Mi bands there is a way to see your battery status directly on the OLED screen. To make the battery status visible on OLED screen go to the profile option under My devices in the Companion app and select Mi Band 2.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Battery Status

After selecting Mi band 2, add remaining battery to what is displayed option. In default, the band has time, calories heart rate, steps and it also enables you to add distance.

Message & Goal Completion Notification

Apart from above features, there is a lot you can do by selecting “More” option in Mi Fit app. It enables you to setup,

  • SMS alerts for various message apps separately that includes WhatsApp as well.
  • Notification for your device when you complete your daily goal.
  • Specific timings for DND option.

Weight Goal

Steps is the only word that will come to your mind when we speak about setting Goals in fitness trackers, but the new Xiaomi Band 2 lets you set goals for your body weight. You can set goals and track your weight in the form of the graph, that is displayed along with the sleep and activity report graph.

Alternative Bands

As we mentioned in Xiaomi Mi Band 2 review it comes with default black color band with no other option. But some alternative bands are released by some third parties and that are available for $6 on Ebay. But it looks quite bigger than the original ones as it comes the dimension of 15.7mm x 10.5mm x 40.3mm but the band dimension of original Mi band 2 is 14mm x 9mm x 36mm.

These are things we found so far while working with Mi Band 2, Hope this will help you. If you have any further doubts in handling your new Mi Band 2, just mention it in comments.

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