Top 5 Best Android spying Apps

Android phone technology is unbelievable and today it’s been widely used all across the world. People love to use Google’s owned OS android cell phone and gadgets. 

The scary and crazy fame of android technology is not possible without having its user –friendly interface, phones with different models, shapes and with specs that make the user wait for every newly launched android cell phone and gadget. 

Therefore, android cell phone technology has created so much hype and today everyone is using android phones and tablets. According to stats, almost 85% of the cell phone devices are of android OS.

Therefore, people, these days are desperately wanted android spy app for a variety of reasons. Parents want to set parental control on android cell phone devices and tablets to make sure kids online safety. 

Furthermore, employers are looking forward to monitoring the company’s owned android devices for customer care point of view to know how employees are dealing with clients.

However, people want to use phone monitoring apps for android being in a relationship to strengthen their relationship. Let’s get to know about the top five best android spy apps that empower you to solve your issues to the fullest. 

5 Best cell phone spy software for android


Whenever a discussion takes place about cell phone tracking apps for android TheOneSpy would be the ultimate tool. It is packed with the dozens of tools that enable the user to remotely monitor android device and keep you updated about all the activities happen on the target device.

 It is intended for the sake of digital parenting to seek online safety of children, monitor employee activities within the working hours on android company’s devices and further allow you to keep a hidden eye on your loved ones for various reasons. 

Over the years, cell phone surveillance app for android has come up with live monitoring tools to get the job was done in real-time alongside the user –friendly interface. All you need to do is to install monitoring software for android successfully on target device once then you can do the magic.

You can monitor text messages, record calls in real-time, spy on social media messenger and apps, track GPS location, remotely control android cell phone and to see browsing activities. 


You want to monitor social media apps, read text messages remotely, want to listen and record live cell phone calls, want to see browsing activities, perform live screen recording and last but not the least track emails then you are on right track having OgyMogy cell phone monitoring app.

All you need to do is to get your hands on it using the web and end up with the installation to get the job done. It works under complete secrecy and each and every single tool has complete power and accuracy. You can use it for various purposes such as digital parenting, employee monitoring and keep an eye on your loved ones. 


It is another powerful mobile phone spy app that gives a user the privilege to impose spying children cell phone activities, track employee activities within the working hours to protect business intellectual property. Furthermore, you can monitor text messages, social messaging apps, and instant messengers and to record and listen to VOIP calls.

 It further allows you to track the android phone location and as well as to record surround sounds and conversations. The problem occurs due to its complex type of interface, installation, and expensiveness of its subscription.


When it comes to cell phone monitoring app Mobistealth stands one of the classics or we can say, pioneers. You can genuinely use it for child protection to prevent digital nightmares. You can use this android spy tool to social media spy, listen and record cell phone calls, calendar events, internet history, and last but not the last email monitoring. 

User can track the GPS location of android, read text messages, and live chat support provide you with accurate information that how you can use the cell phone surveillance app.

Furthermore, once the user has installed it on the target cell phone then the next moment you can get the information you are looking forward to the targeted device. However, it is compatible with all android cell phones and gadgets. The user would be able to get access to the target device instantly to seek valuable information. 


It is one of the most popular android spying apps in terms of marketing only. The application has come forward recently with massive marketing strategies. However, when it comes to competency it lacks powerful tools in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

However, the user can remotely monitor text messages, text conversations, record cell phone calls, and GPS location tracking. Furthermore, the user can record surrounds and lastly monitor emails on android. It is a very expensive android spy app just because of the lack of efficiency that doesn’t provide you with desired results in time.


All of the above-mentioned tools are quite popular on the web but if you want to make your concrete choice to spy on the cell phone of android then you must go for the top three or you can also read more post at greenhostit

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