SharePoint Power User Characteristics & Features to Know

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a product of Microsoft designed to share data and projects. It is aimed to make collaboration easy among the company’s staff. On SharePoint, teams can share, store, and exchange data and projects. Teams can also work together using SharePoint as it offers a simplified medium for communication.

Who is a SharePoint Power User?

A SharePoint power user is basically a fancy name for SharePoint expert. A SharePoint Power User is responsible for the most important tasks of SharePoint. Although A SharePoint power user is not necessarily an admin, developer, or IT expert, however, he still manages and oversees the most important tasks in a SharePoint environment.

To be honest, it is not that simple to find a SharePoint power user for your organization. Neither is becoming one is easy. It demands a lot of hard work and dedication. So, if you are someone who is looking forward to getting a job of SharePoint power user then you should acquire SharePoint online power user training, take courses, and learn the required skills.

Companies who work in a SharePoint environment are actively seeking SharePoint Power Users to manage their SharePoint. They collect resumes, take tests, and conduct interviews, to finalize and hire the best SharePoint expert.

In this article, I am adding the qualities that companies should look in the potential candidates and mannerism every enthusiastic SharePoint user should acquire to become a power user.

Qualities that every SharePoint Power User have:


A SharePoint online power user knows how to configure SharePoint. He has aptitudes to plan and comprehend a company’s business forms. Besides being able to carry out major tasks on SharePoint, one of the most important qualities of a SharePoint power user is his curiosity. He is passionate, devoted, and curious.

He is always asking questions and conveying wisdom. He understands that even experts some time misses on important details of carrying out a task. So, he makes sure to understand the capability of the employees he is working it.

He does this by asking important questions. Not just that, he is also responsible to get the needs of his client clear, so he is partly responsible to inquire his clients as well. 


A power user is always up to date with the current technology. Since Microsoft keeps rolling out changes and innovations to SharePoint, a SharePoint power use keeps himself updated with the new advancements and adhere to them. Not only he stays informed about innovations to the product, but he also keeps playing with the old functions that SharePoint offers. 

Good Demonstrator

Another quality that a SharePoint power user has is his demonstration skills. He is not only skilled at using and working around SharePoint but also knows how to demonstrate its features to the team.

These skills come handy when he must give a presentation of how SharePoint works to colleagues and clients. The better the demonstration skills the clearer views other stakeholders will have.

Skilled Customizer

Beside demonstration, a good SharePoint user also knows how to do customization on SharePoint. So, whenever he is presented with usual or unusual client’ requirements, he knows how to go out of the box and meet client’s demands.

He has proper knowledge of APIs, XHTML, JS, programming languages, Client-Side and Server Side Object Model, and knows how to propose and implement hybrid solutions. 

Know-how of 3rd party tools

A SharePoint power user knows the importance of tools and has skills to use them where required. He identifies and uses these tools effectively and also helps his team in getting a better understanding of the 3rd party tools like AvePoint, Sharegate, and Nintex.

Out-of-the-box features expert

With all the other managerial and technical skills, a SharePoint power user is creative too. He thinks outside the box and is not orthodox. Since SharePoint offers customization, a SharePoint Power-user examines the need of customization, research on out-of-the-box features, and once he is sure there is a space for improvement, he offers it to the client and implements it too.

Good Client manager

A SharePoint power user is understanding of both how SharePoint works and the needs of his clients. He communicates with the clients and other stakeholders effectively and lists down all the requirements that can be done using SharePoint.

Also, if he sees a client is making an unusual request which is not possible to be completed, he knows how to talk to the client and clear his views. So that both the client and his team are on the same page. 

Tremendous Presenter

A SharePoint power user must be good at giving presentations. As he mostly working on planning and designing presentations, organizational blueprints, as well as training his colleagues and clients. He is the once responsible to get all the documentation done and adjust authorization. 

Good at documenting

As mentioned above, a SharePoint power user is responsible for the proper documentation of work processes. So, another required quality for a power user is his skills in documentation.

With proper and thorough documentation, he doesn’t only keep the records but also saves a lot of time and trouble that would happen otherwise every time a question regarding the processes rises.

Knows how to lead the team

A SharePoint power user is also a leader and a key team player. He doesn’t only do his tasks effectively, he also makes sure all his team is aligned to the business needs. To make the working of SharePoint clear to his team, he keeps giving training like SharePoint 2016 administration training to admin, and more.

Since SharePoint projects are more about keeping everyone on the same page to increase work productivity, he works as a mentor and helps his team to get the tasks completed. His role as a leader and his team management skills help the company in achieving results, meeting deadlines, and increased efficiency and productivity.

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