Sexually Transmitted Disease can Now be Treated by Cord Blood Stem Cells

STD means sexually transmitted diseases that mainly spread by sexual intercourse. These are most contagious among all other diseases. Most of the people suffering from STDs are incurable. Some of the examples of STDs are HIV, Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, etc.

Effects of STDs

Beyond the realization STD may damage the reproductive organ, eyes, heart or even weakens the immune system. Weakening of immune system makes the patient more vulnerable to various other diseases.  STDs are fatal diseases which requires immediate treatment some of the STDs such as HIV and herpes are untreatable.

Stem cell treatment

The stem cell research has paved a way of hope for those people who are suffering from ‘untreatable’ STDs.  According to experts untreatable sexually transmitted diseases like herpes can be cured with stem cell treatment.

The latest clinical trials of stem cell treatment were analyzed by the UK’s Stem Cell Bank Stem Protect. They showed some positive outcomes to help those who are suffering from STDs. Some of the sexually transmitted diseases like the herpes are incurable. Though there are treatments available for these diseases to help reduce the symptoms, it is still a reason for discomfort and even embarrassments to the people suffering from this long-term disease.

In recent years, two men who were suffering blood cancer as well as HIV were treated with stem cell therapy. After the treatment the doctors found that there were no traces of HIV in both the patient’s body. It gave an initiative to certain clinical trials and researches. Depending on the disease, the stem cell treatments that are currently undergoing through the clinical trials may reduce the progression of the disease or even unlock new medical options which might currently be unavailable.

Mark Hall, a representative from said that it was really incredible to see the breadth of research focusing on using stem cells for life-changing treatments and that it was heartening to see that there was a ray of hope for those who are suffering from previously incurable sexually transmitted diseases.

Though there is no immediate treatment for these types of life-threatening diseases, yet it is still encouraging to see that the STDs are one of the diseases that respond to stem cell therapy. People, who are badly looking for the treatment of STDs, can opt for stem cell therapy. It is to be noted that the stem cell therapy mostly depends upon the proper storage and retrieval of stem cells.

It is really amazing to know that the area of research had increased so much that now-a-days it can be used for treating these life changing diseases. Radical techniques such as gene-editing are also being utilized by scientists to treat STDs that have already shown promising results in the treatment of a large number of diseases from HIV to chlamydia.

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