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The Ricoh GR lll is another one of those compact cameras from Ricoh that are theoretically made to give competition to DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras. The GR lll is a great camera with a better APS-C sensor from the last generation’s GR ll but even with a price tag of about $900, this camera doesn’t support 4K video recording. The question to ask ourselves here is “Is this camera really worth the price” and for the answer. Here’s, our full review for the new Ricoh GR lll.


The Ricoh GR lll uses a 24MP APS-C sensor unlike the Ricoh GR ll which had a 16MP APS-C sensor, the camera also has a dust removal system that helps fulfill the need of an anti-alias filter, but still, you can feel the lack of an anti-alias filter in the Image quality. The Ricoh GR lll packs a new GR engine 6 Image processor that provides a better user experience. You can easily buy this device online using Amazon Promo Code with great deals.

Video has never been Ricoh’s strong suit and of course continuing that tradition the new Ricoh GR lll doesn’t support 4K video recording. However, the camera does have an option to record Full HD videos. 

The Ricoh GR lll packs a better 28mm prime lens with an f/2.8 aperture which has a new nine-blade diaphragm that will come in handy in taking better bokeh shots. The lens is a fixed lens with no option for zooming. However, it does provide 35mm and 50mm crop modes.

The Auto Focus on the Ricoh GR lll is now a Hybrid AF that supports phase detection and contrast detection for better speed and accuracy.

Design and Build Quality

The Ricoh GR lll has a very compact design which is, of course, Ricoh’s purpose to pack great features in a compact size. The overall build quality of the Ricoh GR lll feels great.

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On the rear side of the camera, the Ricoh GR lll has a 3.0-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a dot count of about 1,037k-dots. The dot count on the Ricoh GR lll is slightly less than the dot count we had on the GR ll but the screen now matches the aspect ratio of the sensor which provides a better full-screen view.Instead of using HDMI and USB ports the Ricoh GR lll uses a single USB Type-C port for connectivity purposes.

The Ricoh GR lllhas a  solid full black magnesium alloy body with a thicker grip for a better hold, the shutter release button is big and gives really responsive feedback. The dial is also positioned better this time and moves with ease.


The overall performance on the Ricoh GR lll is impressive. The new APS-C sensor on the Ricoh GR lll does deliver impressive pictures with better image quality.

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Ricoh has also done a nice job with the Ricoh GR lll’s ISO. The base ISO on the Ricoh GR lll can go as low up to 100 and the maximum of the same can go up to a 102,400. The ISO on the Ricoh GR lll is definitely an improvement from the ISO the GR ll had.

The GR lll also has a three-axis shake reduction system, the three-axis shake reduction system helps simulate the effect an optical low-pass filter would create and also helps in reducing the chances of false color.

The Wi-Fi connectivity on the Ricoh GR lll is also the same as what we got on the GR ll. However, there’s a new always-on Bluetooth 4.2 available on the GR lll. The device still doesn’t have an Nfc though.

One of the downfalls of the Ricoh GR lll is its new lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the battery life is just limited to 200 shots per one full charge which is significantly low from what we saw in its previous generations. The battery can be charged via the new USB-type C port.

Price and Availability

The Ricoh GR lll is available right now for a price of about $900 on Amazon. However, the price varies depending upon your location. The Ricoh GR lll can be bought with a number of accessories like a wide conversion lens or different types of auto flash mounts or different types of external viewfinders depending upon your choice and budget. These accessories are nowhere near cheap but if you are spending about $900 on this camera, we suggest you take a look at the accessories as well. In addition to this if you are looking for BEL Recruitment then it could be best chance to try it.

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The Ricoh GR lll is in no way the best camera you can buy in this price range, there are others like the Fujifilm XF10 and Panasonic LX100 ll which offer 4K video recording with somewhat around the same price tag. However, if you’re a street photographer looking for something small and compact with an ability to capture detailed photos with low noise, the Ricoh GR lll can do that for you but then again another drawback of this camera is its small battery.

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