QuickBooks Online for Small Business Owners and Accountants

QuickBooks Online is the major accounting software used by people in many countries for small businesses. The desktop version has millions of users in the United States alone. Since its QuickBooks Online version launched, the number has grown even more.

Increasing technology has encouraged users to leverage this software through the comfort of any tool to carry out financial functions for their businesses. It is a form of software as a service or SaaS, which is helping users to make the most of QuickBooks through the ease of online versioning.

Using QuickBooks Online has its advantages and drawbacks, so it depends on the decision-making requirements for you and your business. As a business owner, you can appreciate the functionality and value that this software brings to your organization.

Perhaps the best thing to note about this version is that you do not need to install any software on your desktop or device. Rather, to access this application online all you need is access to the Internet. With this kind of access, you no longer have to worry about updating frequently, but rather have to subscribe to use the latest services on an annual or monthly basis.  

Whats is the Benefits of QuickBooks Online for Small Business

This version of QB has a good amount of benefits for those who are looking for an online accounting solution:

  • One of the main advantages of using it is the ability to use this software as you go. This means that you no longer go to your office or your desktop to use QB. If you have to travel regularly or have to complete these tasks whenever you get time, then this software will be very helpful for you as a business owner.
  • For small businesses, QuickBooks Online is a great option for businesses whose employees are spread across different locations. Your company may include workers working from different locations or contract-based partnerships. In such a case, they will be able to get information from their current location and stay in communication with you without traveling back and forth between locations.
  • If you have employees or independent contractors on an hourly basis, they can log in to the online system for a limited time and fill out the timesheet. After that is done, you can proceed to generate their payroll, make payments and import transactions accordingly. Contact our team to import transactions into QB online.
  • It is very helpful to consult your accountant and share your data with them through QBO. You can log in from your individual workplaces and work on your taxes at the same time. This will help you spot errors and correct them on time, reducing the amount of confusion.
  • Your data will be automatically protected as it will be stored and backed up on the cloud. Backups will also be stored as offsite. Also, your cost will be reduced because instead of buying a software license for a hefty price, you only have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee which is quite low.
  • There is no need to set or install anything on your hard disk. To get online access, all you have to do is follow the steps the magician has directed you to complete and complete the online setup. It is easy to consult fellow QBO users about just about anything, which can get you into trouble through the widget that appears on the QBO screen.


This accounting software version is equally useful for a professional accountant, not just business owners. Accountants can use QuickBooks Online Accountant login and use the features they want.

Having said that, there are some drawbacks that users can experience with QuickBooks Online for small businesses. Some of these include the lack of certain functionalities offered in desktops. One of them is the ability to track the inventory of your shop or company.

If you own a startup or an independent entrepreneur, salesperson, or a professional who would like to collaborate more easily with your accountant from time to time, there are advantages to this software that you cannot ignore.

For any confusion about the features of this application, let us know and our QuickBooks Support team of experts will explain them to you.

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