Popular Online Hindi Movie Streaming Apps

The Internet is not just a sea of ​​information now. The digital world is growing with a huge collection of entertainment. When you want, the movie clubs or apps on the Internet have created the opportunity to watch any movie in any country. Some of them are absolutely free and some are paid. Choose where you want to find your entertainment. The investigation into some of these Hindi online movie streaming services was made.

Here are some popular Hindi online movie streaming apps that you can watch for free with the help of an internet connection.


Bioscope app - techandapp
Bioscope app – techandapp

There are facilities for watching games, movies, plays and TV shows. In addition, there will be Indian TV channels as seen in Bioscope. If internet speed is good then this app can be enjoyed without any buffering problem. However, if the Internet speed is low then the video resolution can be viewed without buffering. To reduce the resolution, you can set the resolution by setting an icon on the app by launching a program on the app.

The app can be shared via social media as well as sharing an inbox with friends. If you want a favorite show or movie, you can put it in the favorite section, which can be viewed later. The app can be used for free without any subscription fee.


IFlix - Techandapp

This video streaming app has a huge assortment of entertainment including exclusive shows, award-winning TV series; smash-hit movies, trendy local and regional content, and children’s shows. IFlix has movies and series arranged according to different categories including action, horror, and comedy. As a result, users can easily find the content they like. There is individual profit for children. When you go to the Kids section, only child-friendly events will be available. One of the best features of this service’s mobile app is an offline downloading option. If you want to download any video to watch offline without internet then you can do it. Downloaded videos can be found in the ‘My Download’ option on the left side of the app.

The app has sections like Watch History, Search, and Offers, etc. In addition, users can create playlists of their choice. The iFlix app can be easily registered through Gmail, Facebook account.


Hotstar - Techandapp

India’s Star Group’s video streaming service is ‘Hotstar’. Hotstar has a good reputation for showing live games. Apart from the game, there are also movies and many TV shows in the reservoir of Hotstar. This service can be used for free. Many videos can be viewed even without registering on the Hotstar website or app. However, it is necessary to handle the advertising hype. If you want to subscribe to the hassle-free advertising. For this, you have to spend rupees per month.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time - Techandapp
Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a collection of online movies and TV shows. To use Popcorn Time, users must download the software according to the device. It will support Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Movie and TV show poster and name will be displayed when the software is installed and started. Clicking on the favorite movie will open a new page. From there you will have to click on the ‘watch it now’ button to determine the movie you want to watch. You can see the movie trailer by clicking on the ‘trailer’ button in the bottom right.

The movie will be seen when the download is complete. The movie can be downloaded separately as well. And this service is available for free.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video - techandapp

Amazon Prime Video is a popular e-commerce platform for Amazon’s video streaming service. It has the benefit of watching various movies, TV series, TV channels, and various programs. You have to subscribe to this Hindi online movie streaming app. The first six months can be subscribed. Subscription fees can be paid through Visa Card, International Credit Card Master.

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