How to prepare your photo report in luxury real estate photography?

Here is an article whose subject is too often evaded, unfortunately. Knowing how to prepare not to leave room for improvisation is a fundamental factor in the profession of luxury real estate photographer, it is also what makes the big difference between the amateur or the company of low-cost real estate photo editing outsourcing cost. What exactly do you expect from companies that are selling off the price of real estate photos?

What makes the difference is that the customer knows that we will not rush the work, prepare it, shooter day and night, at the best time to show the good in its best light by mastering all the post-production. The client appeals to an artist and not to industrialized photography. It’s haute-couture of the photo!

All this is preparing and quickly becomes exciting, it will flatter your geek side! We will show you how to prepare for your mission. You will be much more and better paid than others, it is up to you to show that it is worth paying more for a result at the top.

Knowledge of The Place and Essential Information

Without being an architect, you need to know a number of essential information about real estate in general for doing Outsource real estate photo editing. When you are prospecting or when you contact directly, which is my case, you must ask a number of very important questions about your future report. They are essential for you to be able to establish a complete and close quote of the service which you will deliver in return for remuneration:

  • Villa or apartment? if an apartment, is there a terrace?
  • The area of ​​the property and the land and the number of rooms
  • Is there a garden created by a landscape architect or is it a poorly landscaped garden?
  • The difficulty of access to the eventual place?
  • Cardinal orientations for sunshine? (sun exposure of the property)
  • Do the owners agree to arrange everything for the session? (household, home-staging event, morning hours, sunshine, technical constraints, etc.)
  • Aerial photos by drone? (allow for legal authorizations 5 days before)
  • Telescopic mast?
  • Panoramas?
  • 360 ° virtual tour? If so, how many views? Multimedia integration, graphic charter, etc.
  • Will we have a map of the villa to spot me? (recommended in the case of a total renovation created by an architect, the property is not yet inhabited)
  • Are there any existing photos for the first location? Can we see them?
  • What should we focus on? What do the owners or the real estate agent want from me?
  • What is the future use of photos? (magazine, website, paper or internet ads or to sell the property exclusively)

With all these answers, you can start thinking about your work. We advise you to get in touch quickly with a decision-maker or an intermediary responsible for organizing the photo shoot because usually this person has all the information you need and information and recommendations specific to the place, the neighborhood, the municipality or any other detail that may be important to the success or failure of your report. It is impossible to write everything here because each case is unique. In my experience, these are the big questions that you will need to address before starting to photograph.

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