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How To Track – Hello friends My name is Mohit and now we are going to talk about how you can track your android phone or anyone’s Android phone. Where is that phone at this time.

If friends have bought a new smartphone that you have purchased or stolen, then there is no need to worry. You can find out that your smartphone which you bought was at this time in which city or in what place is it in the street or where the shop is near you can find out if the friends will call you a phone If you are stolen and someone uses her miss then your data leak may be trapped in a great deal. Or you can get stuck in a big crime to avoid all these difficulties, you can truck your phone in which city your phone is in, in which neighborhood, in which street, what shop is near, or else Which restaurant is near?

So friends know how you can track your smartphone.


  • So friends, first of all, to track your phone, you have been stolen from your phone. Or lost. It is very important to have it on the net


  • Always keep your email ID logged in to your phone.


  • So friends will have to go to the browser of anybody’s phone or go to the browser of their desktop and search the Android Device Manager.

android device manager

  • Then after that Google will show some results, you can open this link wherever you see the Android Device Manager written.


  • Then there you will ask for an option to login your email ID.


  • So friends will have to enter your email ID there, which were inside your stolen or lost phone.


  • And then friends will open a map there, where it will show the last location of your phone in which city your phone was in which street or which shop was near.

How to track your stolen phone

  • If friends have lost your phone to you and that is, they have found someone and if they are using your phone then they will also tell the location of your phone where the person is going to take your phone |

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  • And that person will see you running on the map by 1 point.


  • With this, you can make your phone ring up and sit continuously for up to 5 minutes, even if your phone is on Silent mode.


  • Plus you get an option and you can lock your phone too. Also, you can lock your phone number lying in your phone.


  • At the same time, you get an option. Whether you can erase all the data on your phone, the contacts inside it, your images, your document, your video has all the data inside it, you can erase all that.

Friends, this information is exactly hundred percent correct.

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