How to Endorse Brand Image through ATM Kiosks?

ATMs have become one of the basic requirements of the general public. It is the responsibility of the banks to ensure their availability and provide a valuable experience to their clients. The banks can also promote their brand image and services through the ATM kiosks.

Branding their services is crucial for the banks in this competitive world. Although they target the general public, their strongest clients belong to the corporate world. The UAE has one of the busiest corporate sectors in the world. The banks of the region have to promote their brand image to get more and more clientele.

Being aware of the competitive world, some banks are hiring the services of signage Dubai based companies and promoting their brand image through ATM kiosks. They are targeting the general public, as well as the corporate sector, to communicate their services and benefits.

This article will discuss some of the most important tips to use ATM kiosks to promote brand image.

Top 4 Tips to Support Brand Image through ATM Kiosks

Gone are the times when people used to visit banks to send or receive cash. Now, the ATMs are used for this as well as a number of other purposes. The banks can utilize this opportunity to promote their brand image and attract more and more clientele.

The following are some of the most important tips to support brand image through ATM kiosks.

1. Use Digitally Printed Wraps For ATM Machines

One of the basic ways of supporting brand image through ATM kiosks is by using digitally printed wraps for ATMs. The bank management can use it as a great opportunity of communicating their services and related directions to the visitors through the graphics wraps.

2. Embrace LED Signs

Another important tip for promoting brand image and services through the ATM kiosks is by embracing the LED signs. Instead of using the simple signboards on the ATMs, the banks can use the LED signs. It will not only attract the attention of users but also make spotting it easier.

3. Use Internal Signage

The internal signage is a great opportunity for the banks to promote their brand value and services. The bank management can include information about their important services, as well as directions about their accession through the internal signage.

4. Include Frosted Glass

Securing the privacy and information of their clients is one of the most important responsibilities of the banks. This is also a phrase that is actively communicated by the banks. They can implement it in their practice and show proof to the public by using frosted glass doors in their ATM kiosks. It will strengthen the sense of security of the users and develop their trust in the service.

Looking for a one-stop solution?

If you are convinced about utilizing these tips, you must be looking for a vendor. You do not need to hire different people or services for every other tip. You can just hire the services of signboards Dubai based companies and ensure to get internal, external signage, graphic printing for machines, LED signs as well as frosted films.
You can also ensure to personalize all the services according to your brand image and promote it to the general public.

So, do not waste your resources on other marketing methods and turn your ATM kiosks into the models of your brand image now.


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