How to download by Torrent and everything you need to know about it

A Torrent file is basically a pointer to someone else’s computer on the Internet. This type of file is based on the use of the BitTorrent protocol for transfer and is one of the most common ways to download information such as music, books, movies, and series, among many other things, over the Internet. Here I show you how to download Torrents safely .

Step by step to download Torrents

# 1 Find Torrent File

There are many Torrent file download sites, some more secure than others and as a general rule, can be divided into two categories: public and private. Public torrent download sites can be accessed by anyone while private ones can only be accessed if another user sends you an invitation.

# 2 Download Torrent File

Once you are in the right place you must find the Torrent file you want, to be successful in this I have some recommendations that will be useful to you.

Look for the downloads with the most seeders: a seeder is a user who shares the file in question, the more seeders have the same file, the faster the download will be, in addition, it is also less likely that the file has viruses included. 

Beware of leechers: a leecher is a user downloading the file, the more leechers a file has, the slower the download speed. A leecher becomes a seeder when it finishes downloading the file.

Read the comments: if the comments of the file have complaints from users, I recommend that you download from another source.   

# 3 Install a Torrent client

The software that specializes in downloading Torrent files makes use of the BitTorrent protocol to exchange content on the Internet and this type of transfer does not require a central server, that’s what seeders are for. There are very good programs with this function such as:





Once you install the Torrent client you just have to open it and load the Torrent file in it, usually by clicking on the toolbar in the option of “Open” or “Open file”. The next thing is to follow the instructions of the program in question.

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Final recommendations

Keep your antivirus active: always pass the antivirus to the Torrent file and the final download to rule out possible malicious programs that may harm you.

Contribute to the community: when you download a file you become a seeder and it is a good policy to share the same number of files as you download to keep the community alive.


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