Going To Delhi From Jalandhar? Try One Way Taxi From Jalandhar To Delhi

Delhi is a massive metropolitan city situated in the north of the country. The union territory is bordered by the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. The city was settled back in the 6th century B.C.and was declared as the official capital of India in the year 1911.

The bordering regions of Faridabad, guru gram, Sonipat and Jhajjar from Haryana and Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad and baghpat from the state of Uttar Pradesh, were included in the National Capital Territory in the year 1992. The union territory has a population of more than 16 million.

The major attractions of the city include the historical monuments. Besides, the city is also an industrial hub and known for the famous University of Delhi. Students from all the parts of India as well as neighboring countries come to get admitted to the University of Delhi.

What are the different ways to go to Delhi from Jalandhar?

One can get to Delhi from Jalandhar either by road or train or airplane. However, Jalandhar doesn’t have an airport in the city itself, and Amritsar airport is the closest airport to Jalandhar city, and it takes less than 1 hour to fly from Amritsar to Delhi.

However, you can get a direct train from Jalandhar for Delhi, quite easily and it takes about 6 hours for the train from Jalandhar to Reach Delhi. If you plan to come by road, it will take some 6-7 hours to cover a distance of 369 km. You can go by bus, or you can book a one way taxi from Jalandhar to Delhi(if you plan to stay for a longer period in Delhi, otherwise you can also book a round trip taxi from Jalandhar to Delhi and then back from Delhi to Jalandhar).

More about one-way taxi from Jalandhar to Delhi

With the rising competition in the market, there are plenty of operators that provide car rental services at your convenience and that too at a budget. The variety of options available for you to choose from is innumerable. If you get your one-way taxi from Jalandhar to Delhibooked from a huge platform, you save significantly in comparison to a round trip.

This is how it is; for a round trip, you need to pay for the driver staying with you at your destination, besides the fare and the fuel charges of the taxi going from Jalandhar to Delhi and returning from Delhi to Jalandhar. A decade back, if you booked a round trip, the fare increasing with every day, you stay in a different city.

For a one way trip, you only pay for the fare and fuel charges to reach and nothing beyond that. It is because if you book your taxi from a large platform that serves a variety of people all around the country, every time you book a one-way taxi from Jalandhar to Delhi, there is one another party booking the trip from Delhi to Jalandhar.


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