Most Amazing Uber App Features You May Not Know About

Uber is one of the most commonly used apps for booking rides. Within a short duration, it has gained astounding progress and far-reaching recognition. Uber provides both desktop and app versions to access its service features. However, it has been noted that the Uber app is not only effective in booking rides effortlessly but provides uncountable features that bring ease for the users. Everything is managed and displayed for you including your trip history and ride details.

From features including geo-tracking and instant messages, several other features are there to amuse you. So, here is a list of those features that can efficiently help you engage in-app services and have a safe journey. Read on!

·        Real-Time Details

The best feature of Uber is that it helps you in keeping your friends and family informed about your exact location and how much time it will take for you to reach your destination. The app shows information in real-time. It tells the user about the duration taken in the ride and the distance left. Moreover, you can even share your ride with anyone. Now your family can track your entire ride along with getting the rider information. Such features are important to take note of when you create a taxi app like Uber.

·        Split Fares

Do your friend and you travel every day from the same route and always get puzzled when it comes to calculating the fair share? Well, let’s make your life easier. In the Uber app, you can select the split fare option and the entire fares get equally split among the passengers. You simply have to go on your Uber app and select the split fare option, from then you will have to pay the exact amount from where your particular distance starts. Now this saves you from getting involved arguments about how is paying what. You can simply get on the ride and contribute your share.

·        Multiple Drop-offs

The next great thing in the Uber app is the option to add multiple options. If you wish to visit more than one place at a time for a smaller duration, you can get a cab booked with multiple drop-offs. Your car will be parked while you run errands. This is the most hassle-free manner of managing errands even if you do not own a car. You do not have to book the ride, again and again, you can simply travel in your Uber by adding drop-offs in your way.

·        Scheduled Rides

With Uber, you can schedule your rides. You can book one for a particular time. If you are having a busy day at work and have to line up several meetings, you can book each ride in advance by entering the desired destination as well. The ride will be booked at the time you want.

·        Easy Navigation

If your friend has sent you his location on any other app let’s say WhatsApp and you are wondering how to book the ride to that location, what you can do is, open that location first in your Google App. You then have to navigate to the Uber app, the ride will be booked from there, and you will not have to worry about getting lost.

·        Multiple Payment Modes

Uber is all about bringing simplicity into the lives of its users. And that is the reason why it provides multiple payment modes. You can attach a card or even can pay through cash. It provides you with the surety and security to protect your credentials, which you can, entire seamlessly. You do not have to follow a lengthy process. Simply add your card number and other details or can even scan your card to get it updated. With each ride, the transaction details will be sent on your contact number.

Wrap Up If you are planning to create an app just like Uber, you have to get to know about its features and services in detail and observe what new you can introduce. It will be a challenge but a good one to ensure your progress and steady online visibility.

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