Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos for a Business


Out of all the tools for engaging target audiences used by brands and business organizations, one of the most entertaining and cost effective tools for creating awareness and appealing to your target audience is through the use of animated explainer videos. Animated explainer videos are one of the best marketing tools that deliver high returns on your investments making it one of the most logical choice when selecting tools for your marketing strategies.

Whether you create your own or hire a professional animated explainer video agency for the creation of animated explainer videos there are many benefits that you can reap by using them. Some of the very obvious and biggest benefits of using animated explainer videos are as follows:

Better customer engagement:

The main reason for animated explainer videos is to create awareness and provide knowledge through a visual medium. When you target audience has a better understanding of the ideas or concepts that you are trying to communicate with them than it is more likely that they will be more attentive towards your products or services and be more open to the idea of using them.

Increases brand awareness:

Like mentioned before the basic idea behind the use of animated explainer videos is for creating awareness about one’s business or brand. Now, obviously since the main purpose behind using animated explainer videos is to create awareness about your brand therefore brand awareness is the first thing that gets influenced and effected by using animated explainer videos, in fact this is one of the best tools to increase brand awareness. It has also been observed that using animated explainer videos is a way that grabs your target audience’s attention in a much better way hence creating awareness through capturing people’s attention and getting them interested in the information you are trying to communicate.

A rise in conversion rates:

According to many recent studies on consumer psychology it has been observed and concluded that people in general are more interested in watching animated videos. These animated videos are one of the best ways for attracting your target audience to get them to visit your web pages or your social media pages giving you a higher flow of web traffic. Now, since more people are visiting you web page because of animated explainer videos therefore there are more chances of them ending up buying your product or services as well. Plus according to some recent studies and surveys it has been observed that more than 70% of the people visiting your website have a higher probability of purchasing your product after watching an animated explainer video.

Higher ranking on Google:

If you observe you will notice that people love watching videos as compared to reading texts or watching images and you’ll be surprised to know that it is not just people who like animated videos better than other content, Google also likes animated videos better than other content online and the chances of an animated video making it to the top in the search results on Google is more than fifty percent. It is highly suggested to have an animated explainer video on your websites or your business’s landing page because this will enable your business’s webpage or landing page to be ranked higher in the Google search results.

Higher ROI (return on investment):

As established before animated explainer videos have proven their worth when it comes to engaging target audiences. Through the use of animated explainer videos it becomes easier for to convert your potential customers into your actual customers making animated explainer videos a strong tool for getting better returns on your existing investments.

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