Basics of Trekking Every Beginner Should Know

Going for your first Trek? 

You must be feeling wonderful about all those excitements, thoughts, and those butterflies in the stomach kind of fluttering feeling. 

I know we’re going over the board. But don’t you agree that all these things, as they do make a lot of sense. 

A first trekking trip can be daunting, followed by a lot of planning rituals – Which trial to choose? What to pack? What shoes to carry? Weather conditions, clothes, place, bookings, etc.

Hold On- and Relax!

We know how puzzled and overwhelmed you’re right now. And to calm you down, we’re here to help. 

So, whether you’re thinking of Nepal trekking tours or a trekking trip to Peru, always remember one thing to get started – prepare the body and mind. 

You need to prepare your mind and body firstly to have a wonderful trekking experience. 

So let’s get started and learn how you can do that.

Basics of trekking every beginner should know 

Prepare Both Mind and Body 

Understand that the trekking is not like your mainstream sightseeing holidays. Train the body and mind well to go well throughout your first adventure getaway. Before you climb the trail, make sure you train a lot and indulge in fast-paced walk practice, workout to strengthen ankle muscles, heels, toes, and practice ankle rotation to improve joint mobility. Even if you’re on the trail, always stretch before and after the trek to prevent injury. Keep yourself relaxed by eating right and having the right amount of sleep. 

Choose Place and the Right Trail

Trekking getaways in India, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, etc. are amongst top trekking destinations. For instance, if you have chosen Nepal hiking tours, then you need to be assured about the best trails the country offers. As a beginner, we recommend you to go for short and easy treks. You can choose Annapurna base camp trekking, and if you find it challenging, you can select any other offered by the region like Ghandruk Trek, Khopra Danda Trek, Panchase Trek, etc. So never compromise on research, which should be done carefully. 

Pack Light and Bring the Essentials 

Trekking is undoubtedly a rewarding yet strenuous activity. But considering the latter aspect, it is always advised to pack your backpack very carefully. Go lightweight and carry these essentials: 

  • Water Bottle
  • Liquid Supplements
  • Light Snacks
  • A map and Compass
  • Medication Kit
  • Multipurpose Tool Kit

How to Pack your Clothes?

You need to feel light yet cozy in your clothes at the same time. It is advised to wear light and breathable fabric clothes, keep a pair of compression or cotton socks for better circulation of blood, a waterproof jacket, and also some sunglasses for sun protection. If we’re discussing the sun, also don’t forget to carry sunscreen and cap. 

Carry a Right Pair of Shoes

Not your regular shoes, of course, for a trekking trip, you need special trekking shoes or hiking boots. These shoes are light and are the ones that give full coverage to your foot. You need to select the one which is stable, flexible, comfortable, and breathable. Be very much ensured about the sole that provides an easy roll with each step. 

Proper Scheduling is a Must 

Make sure that you’re scheduling your trip after full-fledged planning. Always schedule your trekking getaways designed as per the weather and place. If you’re going for Nepal trekking toursspring and autumn season is the best to visit the land of Mount Everest. Carry GPS communicators and inform in advance to your friends and family so that they are aware of where you are headed. 

Budget, Organizer, Permits

We recommend you to opt for the right organizer for your trekking trip, as they help you to plan the best trip with a certain budget. Even they arrange for all the needful permits, taxes and permissions, for a comfy and safe trip. 

We hope that the article helps you to give a good start to your adventurous journey. Bon Voyage!!!

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