A Safety App To Protect Kids In Case Of Emergency

Are you worried about your kid’s safety when they are stepping out of home?

How convenient is it to send your teens on outings with friends or on a trip?

Nowadays, when everyone is up to date with incidents of natural and unforeseen tragedies, there is a dire need to explore more effective methods of initializing an escape route. Communication technologies like cellphones play a vital role in emergency response and rescue efforts, as well as personal safety.

Opportunity knocks the door, but an emergency doesn’t. Smartphones can be a lifeline in case of crisis. While talking about teens, safety apps protect kids in emergencies. When they are lost or stuck in a potentially dangerous situation or even facing a natural calamity, a plethora of apps can help.

So, let us take a quick glance on emergency apps for Android users to protect their children.

What is an emergency app?

An emergency app is a parental control software that allows you to be in touch with kids when they are away from home and control teen’s online exposure.

While commuting to school, if a child meets with an accident, their mind goes blank, here emergency app is the best tool to use.

Hence, to safeguard your kid, it is inevitable to choose the best-in-class parental control app. – Bit Guardian Parental Control.

What is Bit Guardian Parental Control?

As per the name, Bit Guardian Parental Control is an application built for Android users that guards your child. It is a multi-functional application that works for both parents and teens.

Bit Guardian Parental Control app has distinct features which allow you to monitor and control the activities that kids are performing on the internet. The best thing about this app is the feasibility to add an infinite number of children using a single login.

One of the prominent features of the app is Panic and SOS Alert.

What is Panic and SOS Alert?

During emergencies, Panic Alert sends you a notification via email when your child is in danger. It also addresses the exact location of kids.

SOS (Save Your Soul) Alert will be available in your kid’s phone, and as soon as they hit that button, a siren buzzes in your phone.

Features of Bit Guardian Parental Control

This feature also facilitates you to share the information of kids to another responsible person or guardian in case you cannot reach out.

Various studies have been undertaken that shows the need for an emergency app to protect kids and contribute to the society.

“Safety Alerts for Education Foundation (SAFE), announced that they are donating the Safety Alerts for Education to all schools, colleges, and Universities across the country of US for free to save kids in emergencies.” 

        -Nashua, NH, April 19, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE”



Why is there a need for emergency apps?

  • If your teens face adverse conditions like they are lost on the streets, this app alerts you.
  • When facing a situation like bullying, harassment, or kidnapping, the emergency app is a boon.
  • You can reach children in no time as the app sends you the exact location.
  • The siren facility is the best tool. When you don’t check your phone, it buzzes automatically, and wherever you are, you will be notified.
  • Guardian is also available if you are stuck and, hence, without panicking, he/she will ensure the safety of our child.

Highlights of the few most useful features of Bit Guardian Parental Control are :

Time Schedule: This feature limits the screen time for your children and allows you to organize the timetable to use each application.

App Block: If you want to protect your kid from inappropriate contents like pornography pages, videos, or images, you can block such unnecessary and unhealthy apps in the child’s device.

Anti-Theft: When the device is lost, you can locate it on the map with GPS. You can also restore factory settings from your phone if needed.

Kiosk Mode: It creates a new launcher on the kid’s cell phone screen. Here, they will be allowed to access only those apps that you have installed. For getting more applications, they will seek your permission.

Are you still thinking? Gear up and save your child with a trustworthy and excellent emergency app for Android Users – Bit Guardian Parental Control

Bit Guardian Parental Control is undoubtedly the best safety app that protects kids in emergencies, which is highly appreciated by users. Download it today itself!

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