Google Ads has proven to be the best Pay per Click platform so far for many of the businesses over the globe. Although it is a sophisticated algorithm by Google, you can still get your hands on it with a little hit and trial initially. Once, you start getting results; you can start using Google Analytics to understand your target audiences’ consumer behaviour. Here are five ways to increase your conversion rate in Google Ads campaign to make your life hassle-free. 


When we talk about an increase in conversion rate, it should come without saying that one should first and foremost analyze past performance and those ad copies which have got better conversions and the reason behind it. It will help you understand your target audiences’ consumer behaviour and also to frame your future ad copies accordingly. Although, if you have just one ad copy, compare it with its previous month’s performance 


Trust me; you do not want to rank on those keywords which have no relation to your business. Apart from studying the search terms report, you must also self-analyze which search terms might be irrelevant to your business. Negative keywords are those words that are an obstacle to your business. It is imperative to recognize these words so that you do not end up showing your ads on those words which are not going to give you conversion but only exhaust your budget. For example: If you have an electronics business, you do not want your ad copy to rank on words like “cheap, free”.

Also, people often misunderstand negative keywords with offensive words. For better clarity, any word which has no relation to your business is a negative keyword. For example: if you have an electronics showroom and do not sell washing machines, then “washing machines” will also be a negative keyword for your business. This approach will give you filtered traffic and help in boosting your conversion.


A landing page is a page where you want your customer to end up clicking. It should match your ad copy and the text written on it. The landing page experience has to be relevant so that the client gets what they want. Also, make sure that the loading speed of your landing page should be less than 5 seconds to avoid the bounce rate.

Maintain relevancy between your ad copy and landing page to give an enhanced customer experience. For example, if you have an online apparel business and your ad copy sale “Buy today and get discounts on select items”, it should have a landing page that of discounted apparel. Also, mention the keyword in your landing page to build trust amongst your customers, and they will end up converting. 


Ever heard of the quality score? Quality score is a measurement of the relevancy of the entire campaign concerning ad groups, Ad copies, and keywords. Higher the quality score, higher the ad rank, and lower the CPC. 

Search terms are the “search queries” which people have typed like “Top Digital Marketing Certified Course in Delhi” on Google and clicked on your Ad. Here the deal is to review those search terms on which people have found you and have ended up getting converted. It makes sense to identify these keywords and include them in your keyword list. Also, another good idea is to put them into the “exact match type” category to get refined results. Doing so will lower CPC and enhance quality scores. The chances of conversions will increase since you will get filtered traffic to your property with a higher probability to convert.


A/B split testing is testing different elements of your landing page. Make 2-3 versions of your webpage and track the one getting more engagements or conversions as compared to the other. The user behavior on both versions will be different for the background, visibility, color, text, etc. Test these versions of the same landing page through A/B SPLIT TESTING for various elements such as images, CTA buttons, form’s and determine the best performing one to improve user experience.

It is vital to keep testing different elements of your website to increase conversions. 

Now it’s up to you, how effectively you use these tips to increase your conversion rate. These tips have proven to be helpful to many people. In the end, beware and vigilant of what your competitors are doing and how they are doing something better than you. It will help you frame your ad copy better. “You should learn from your competitor and never copy. Copy, and you die!”

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