5 Reasons Why PSD To HTML Is Trending for Website Designing


We live in the IoT (Internet of Things) age which is characterized by information overload where there are more than 4 billion internet users and over 4 million blogs get published every day. The internet is staggeringly massive in scale and more websites keep coming up on the horizon with every passing day.

The Internet today is more competitive than it ever has been in the past and it signals the need for solutions that can help companies stay ahead of the curve to gain competitive leverage over their competitors.

The success of an online business depends majorly on its website which is the primary way in which users identify and interact with the business. The ideal website should thus be functional, offer a seamless experience and also be visually appealing and all of this can be attained by opting for PSD to HTML conversion.

PSD In A Nutshell

PSD is the abbreviated form of Photoshop Document and it is the default setting that is used by Photoshop for saving data. It is very effective in editing and re-editing images, especially when the text in the said image needs to be changed. 

HTML In A Nutshell

On the other hand, HTML is a language that is used to write web pages. There is a very high chance that all the content that you see on a website has been written in HTML and it is used to form the basic structure of a website. HTML is very crucial in web designing as it acts as the skeleton of any web page.

Why PSD To Html Is Trending for Website Designing – Key Reasons Are Mentioned Below:

PSD and HTML complement each other rather well and the conversion of PSD to HTML opens up a lot of avenues for a wide array of professionals to deliver a better website and web pages in all aspects. This has led to PSD to HTML conversion emerging as one of the most popular trends for web designing and there are 5 important benefits for the same which have been enlisted below. Let’s get started!

1.Responsiveness: – More people are inclined to access the Internet on their smartphones than on any other device and thus it is the need of the hour for all online businesses to have a responsive website that offers the same experience on smartphones and tablets as it does on desktops and laptops.

Within smartphones, the website should offer the same experience on compact screens as it does on wide screens and the loading time in all of them should be less than 3 seconds. PSD to HTML conversion helps in delivering a responsive layout that facilitates the same experiences across different websites and platforms. 

2. Pixel-Perfect and Cross-Browser Compatibility: – PSD to HTML conversion delivers a pixel-perfect layout of the website which makes the content look very visually appealing. Further, the said conversion delivers upon a web page that is compatible with different browsers which results in a lot of users interacting with the website.

3. Easy Website Maintenance: – During the PSD to HTML conversion, it is very easy to organize different modules, which helps professionals in different disciplines to maintain the website rather easily. The website can also be efficient re-coded whenever it is necessary to do so and mainly while integrating the functions of the site. 

4. Helps in Maintaining Uniformity: – Such conversion consists of workflow which is necessary for maintaining the uniformity in different web pages. It results in delivering a website that is full of expressive content. 

5. SEO-Friendly: – PSD to HTML Conversion can significantly improve the rankings of your web pages and overall your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) because it makes all the content on the web pages SEO-friendly, which helps the business in getting more visibility and exposure.

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Final Word :

PSD to HTML has been trending off-late for website designing and the same can be justified by the many benefits of the same. It can completely change a website for the good and remains highly recommended for businesses of all sizes to get a competitive edge over their rivals. If you haven’t already done the conversion, you should do so, and if you find yourself incompetent or unsure of executing it with perfection, you can always outsource the same by paying for PSD conversion services.


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