5 Reasons Why Facebook Advertising For Law Firms Is A Good Idea

Facebook has not just remained a simple social network and has grown into a powerful marketing platform. While digital marketers believe that Facebook advertising for law firms is essential, the attorneys themselves seem to be either unconvinced or unaware. It is not that legal professionals do not know that social media is a vital tool for promoting their practice. In fact, a large number of attorneys having profiles on various networks is a testimony to the fact that social media is a key part of the online marketing strategy for law firms. Facebook being the world’s largest social network is a key part of their promotional plans. Most of them are actively engaging their audiences through various kinds of content and other strategies. However, they still seem cold to the idea of advertising on the channel. The following reasons will encourage them to change their minds and use Facebook advertising to their advantage.

1. Provides Better RoI Than Other Channels

Cost is an important factor while planning advertising campaigns. However, you need to factor in the returns and weigh the cost in its context to plan your investment. The most popular advertising platform is undoubtedly Google Ads. Every marketer uses the channel to get its brand in front of relevant audiences. Terms related to the legal industry are always in the top 10 items of the most expensive PPC keywords list. In case, a chosen keyword is very competitive, the cost can be anything north of $50. Facebook is more expensive than running adverts on your local TV network. However, it is cost-effective than both the other channels mentioned here as it gives the advertiser more control over the spending. You can define your budget and stop the campaign whenever you wish to.

2. Gives More Control Over Ad Targeting

Advertising provides you with a quick way to get your brand in front of relevant audiences. When you use traditional methods like print and TV adverts, then you are hoping that the message will reach your potential clients. It does not matter how carefully you choose the content and time-slots, you are still hoping that the right people will watch your ads. No such problems exist in paid promotions on the world’s largest social platform. You can define a specific location by identifying country, state, city, zip codes, etc. There is also the option to define the demographics like age, gender, and language of the audience you want to reach. Marketers can also choose the education levels and interests of the target audience part from aligning the content with the potential client’s intent. All these factors ensure that your advert will be displayed to people who are more likely to convert than the general audience.

3. Excellent Platform To Build Brand Awareness

A key benefit that Facebook advertising for law firms provides is better brand awareness. There are 1.56 billion users that actively use the platform daily. This means that no matter what your practice area a majority of the target audience will be using the channel. Another statistic tells us that an average US citizen spends about 22% of the internet time on the world’s biggest social network. Both the figures point towards Facebook being an excellent platform to boost brand awareness. You need to be imaginative while creating your campaign and chances are more and more people in your segment will know about your firm. 

4. Flexibility To Create Versatile Advert Content

You can promote your firm through various kinds of advert content on the channel. While many lawyers prefer to run the usual text-based campaigns, others look to add some color with images. Recently a top Facebook executive shared an opinion that in a few years the network may become an all-video platform. This can be possible because the consumption of video content is growing rapidly across all platforms. You can create video-based adverts for your practice to catch the eye of potential clients. Such campaigns generate more interest among people than plain text-based adverts. Marketers enjoy the flexibility of creating versatile campaigns with varied content to target different audience segments.

5. Quick Creation And Placement Of Adverts

Choosing the advertising platform will enable you to quickly create and run a campaign, that is not possible on traditional channels. Creating a commercial for a medium like television will need a lot of time and resources. Moreover, you will have to book your spot and running time well in advance. On the other hand, creating a visual-based advert for Facebook does not require too much time. You can shoot a video quickly and set it up for running in minutes. You can also track and measure the performance of your campaigns through analytics tools to assess the returns they are generating.


Facebook advertising for law firms is an excellent idea that must be explored by attorneys. It will help them reach out to a wide cross-section of their target audience. Moreover, if they run an efficient campaign, they will attract leads with better potential to convert.


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