5 Practices To Utilize For An AR Training Program For Your Business

Augmented Reality training or AR in Training can be a great tool for learning and development in an organization. While Introducing an AR program, you have to keep the mindset similar to introducing any other training program in your organization. Since you want to create a program that effectively teaches your employees something new.

Using such kind of training methods can bring engagement high while keeping the goal of the program intact. Let’s look at some practices that you can use to create an AR training program. 

Development & Delivery

AR has been commonly known for being mobile-first. This is one of the reasons you need to think about how you are going to solve the distribution puzzle. You have to figure out the best way to distribute the product. Are you providing phones to your employees? Or you will follow the “bring your own device” approach?

Once you have figured out how you’ll deliver the program, you can think about other features such as keeping the training web-based or app-based, how much processing power is required? And much more.

Keep Real World Relatability

You have to think about the real world while developing such a program. VR or virtual reality look at the opportunity to get out of the real world. Whereas with AR, or augmented reality, the physical world is necessary. AR superimposes a digital image in the real world.

While in Virtual Reality, the whole process goes inside the headset itself, AR uses the physical environment.

Focus on Learning

One thing to remember about AR training programs, they are there for learning not for the technology. That’s why when you are building such a program you need to go through the same normal processes of any other learning program.

You can go through a lot of ways while you build an AR program for your employees in the organization, such as using an animated video or a game. Content is important in AR programs. 

Easy to Use & Develop

The program that you will build for your organization needs to be easy to operate. The same applies to how you develop the AR program. It shouldn’t require too heavy programs to be installed in order to create AR experiences.

Don’t Get Lost

Keeping an open mind is a good idea while building a program like this, but you should not get lost in the possibilities. Think of an AR training program like a blank canvas, you can include a lot of elements in your program to make it more effective ana=d engaging like more images, videos, sounds etc. But sometimes it can become tempting to keep adding these things. You need to find the right point where you should stop and think carefully about every element that you will add.

For example, if you are building an AR program for equipment tutorials, you should stay away from adding audios with instructions since they might not be audible enough with the environmental noises around you.


AR learning program is one of the best ways you can utilise to enhance learning that allows you to replicate experiences that can be difficult to repeat. But it is important that you use technology got the right reasons and not because it’s “too awesome”.

Programs that focus on training people in unconventional ways such as Instructor-Led Training, AR training program etc, are some of the best practices that can be used to find the right balance between learning and technology, that’s exactly what you need from an AR training program.

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